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End user license:

Acceptance of contract:

The purchase or the use of any AragonSoft software means that you agree and accept unconditionally the terms of the following contract. The installation of AragonSoft software on the computer of a customer is equivalent to the signature of the full acceptance, without reservation, of the present conditions of use. This version of the conditions of use can be accessed at the bottom of all pages of the website. No user can claim not to have had access to this contract.


Every software publisher has an obligation to take precautions to prevent the illegal use of its software and resultant loss of remuneration which would be compensated for by higher prices to the detriment of the licensed users. Procedures which enforce the rights of the software producer therefore improve the service to customers and assure value for money. The activation process of AragonSoft software is designed to combine efficiency with minimal inconvenience to the user through a process of automatic activation at the first use or installation of the software by providing a simple code called token activation. (The activation of the software do not concern MeteoFax32 software used with a modem or StarNavPilot if used with an interface)

Terms of Application: (does not concern MeteoFax32 and StarNavPilot if used with an interface dongle)

A user license is valid for one computer for a single user or of a number of computers corresponding to a multi-user license on the condition that all the computers under the multi-user license belong to the same person, business, organization or family (different names but the same surname and address).
It is understood that a computer is a machine(hardware) and an operating system(software).The license of the operating system associated with this machine must be evidenced by a license number(Windows key), which normally appears on a label affixed to the back or side of the machine and is an integral part of the machine. All programs, except freeware, demonstrations or those using the hardware provided, create a machine identification from an impression of the machines hardware and operating system license. The hardware elements chosen to create the ID of the machine is never chosen from parts that can be replaced during routine repairs, so that even in the case of repair of the machine, the ID is not changed. For example, formatting of the computer or common maintenance operations such as the replacement of the hard drive, repair or re-installation of the operating system (on condition the same Microsoft license is used), replacing or increasing the memory will not change the ID of the machine. The program will therefore be re-installed as often as necessary and the activation will be automatic. Should there be a major repair of the hardware ( e.g. the replacement of the motherboard) which results in a change of its identification, a form is available on the website to request a reactivation. In spite of the change of identification, this procedure will permit verification that it is the same machine and the license will be reset to apply to the new identification of the machine.

Change of computer:(does not concern MeteoFax32 and StarNavPilot if used with an interface dongle)

Although the license is linked to a machine, the transfer of license is permitted in the case of a change of computers, up to one change per two-year period. In order to effect reactivation, a request must be made by filling out a form on the AragonSoft website. Permission to transfer a license is granted only in the case where the old machine is no longer in service. Where this is not the case, the user must request an extension of the license for the additional machine.

Software Updates:

Most software benefit of free upgrades without time limit. If not, software updates are always free during a minimum period of 12 months, from the date of purchase of the license.
There are two types of updates:

1. Minor changes or corrections made to the software - for example version 7.1 to version 7.2. These updates are always free but only applicable to corresponding version (it is impossible to update from version 6.4 to version 7.2).
2. The major updates with changes in the number of the version (for example version 7.2. to version 8.1) - if the period for updates has expired, these updates can be obtained in exchange for a small financial contribution (depending on the type of software).

Updates are never mandatory but the right is reserved to discontinue the technical support for obsolete versions. For technical reasons, the reactivation of older versions may not be possible.

Warranty and limitations:

The provider guarantees that in normal conditions of use, the software is capable of correctly performing the operations described by its documentation on a computer and operating system in proper working condition, corresponding to at least to the minimum system requirements recommended for the software. The provider cannot guarantee that the software will meet the special needs of the user. It is solely the responsibility of the user to determine whether the features are capable of fulfilling the particular needs through the use of the free demonstration versions available for most software. Only the user can be held liable for damages due to improper use or configuration of the software. The provider does not assume responsibility for any damage, direct, indirect or commercial, which may result from use of the software. All legal warranty is expressly limited to the price of the software license.
All software is guaranteed to be free of viruses, spyware, adware or any features which could harm the integrity of the machine, of the operating system or personal data stored on the machine.

Request for reactivation (does not concern MeteoFax32 and StarNavPilot if used with an interface dongle):

In case of a change of computer or major repair work on a machine causing a change in machine identification, a procedure is available for users to request reactivation. The user makes the request using an online form. Based on the information provided, it will be determined whether the request is accepted and the activation token is reset. If it is necessary, the service responding to this request reserves the right to request additional information or to charge fees for processing the request in order to avoid the burden of price increases to users who never request reactivation. In case of doubt, the technical service may request permission to connect on the customers machine in order to carry out certain audits. Denial of permission will cancel the request for reactivation. A refusal to reactivate on the part of AragonSoft services may not be challenged.

Discontinuation of reactivation of licences (does not concern MeteoFax32 and StarNavPilot if used with an interface dongle):

The software license is linked to the machine that runs the program. AragonSoft is not legally bound to accept the transfer of licenses in the event of changes to the machine or modifications to the point that is no longer possible to consider it the same machine ( for example, replacement of the mother board, microprocessor and hard disk). Reactivation is applied solely as a courtesy to customers. Any attempt at fraud or abuse will result in the discontinuation of the courtesy to the particular customer who will no longer be able to reactivate the software on any of their computers. The customer will no longer receive free updates of software or be able to claim free technical support for any software on any of their machines. Similarly, these courtesies will be discontinued for anyone who refuses to pay for the costs of processing a request for reactivation.

Revocation of license:

Any detection of fraudulent use on a single workstation or multi user license, such as sharing a license between several businesses or persons or any attempt to use a license on more machines than were licensed, by cloning or other methods, will result in immediate cancellation of the entire license notwithstanding the number of computers that may be legally licensed. Refunds will not be considered. Use of the software will become illegal on the computer or workstation of any one whose license has been cancelled and action will be taken for the illegal use of the software. AragonSoft will make every effort to detect illegal use of its software.

Request for refund:

No refund of software is possible from the time the software is activated on the computer. A statement of uninstallation cannot be accepted since it is always possible to prove the uninstallation of the software and perform a system restore. A free demonstration version is available for all software requiring activation. Using the demonstration version, it is up to the customer to verify whether the features of the software are what is required and whether these features are compatible with the operation systems of the particular computer for which it is being licensed. Where a customer attempts to force a refund by blocking payment, AragonSoft will take action against the customer for default of payment and illegal use of software.