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Security and data management tools, Marine navigation systems, Electronic and sound measurement.

System and security software

Security and data managment tools:

We develop cryptography, synchronization and backup software which guarantee a high security level with highly secure cryptographic algorithms. Our products allow a high degree of data protection: integrity, authenticity and confidentiality. Encryption, hight speed automatic backup of large volumes, bidirectional synchronization of folders and complete drives, software RAID system for all types of drive or file storage.

WinSesame strong encryption software     Security and data managment tools     High speed backup software     WinSynchro: bidirectional synchronization of folders and complete drives

Navigation software

Marine navigation systems:

We provide a complete range of marine navigation software and hardware which meets both recreational sailors and professional mariners requirements. Software for high-precision navigation and satellite guidance. Reception of weather information at sea without internet connection. Weatherfax, Rtty, Sitor and Navtex decoding with modem of high sensitivity specially dedicated. NMEA to PC interfaces. Connection equipment for NMEA networks. Advanced autopilot systems. Maritime traffic control.

SarNavPilot navigation software MeteoFax32: Weather fax decoding software with dedicated modem. AIS radar  GPS NMEA 0183 to Paddlewheel Speed Pulse Converter NMEA StarNavPilot interface with automatic activation dongle Weatherfax , RTTY, Sitor and Navtex modem.NMEA amplifier and multiplexer

Sound and electronic measurement

Electronic and sound measurement:

Numeric oscilloscope, audio spectrum analyzer, audio control acoustic measurement, sound analysis, sound system settings and control, maintenance of recording devices, electronics, telecommunication.

Numeric oscilloscope  Audio spectrum analyzer  Audio control acoustic measurement  Sound analysis