The data management and IT security toolbox


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Data theft protection.

Protection against unwanted connections.

Synchronization of data and clouds.

Saving data.

Signature and certification of documents.

All In One

The data management and IT security toolbox

Protect Manage Secure

Managing your data: your files, your internet privacy, protection against data theft, optimal use of your clouds, protection against file handling errors, your backups. Everything is gathered in your toolbox thanks to 5 interconnected applications.

spéciale : Suite complète sécurité et gestion des données

All applications are in Pro version without any limitation.

Thanks to this software suite you can manage everything yourself. concerns you.

Enjoy a professional software suite at a low price.



Data protection against theft of computers, mobile devices, backups, illicit access, network intrusions, spyware, etc. Data confidentiality.
Locking of files or complete folders by password or digital key with strong data encryption.
The absolute security of your data.

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Blocking unwanted internet connections: Unwanted displays on websites, Spyware, Spyware, Viruses, etc ...
Preservation of your confidentiality on the internet.
Improved performance of internet connections.

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Bi-directional synchronization of folders or complete disks locally or on a network. Data security for documents that need to be edited on multiple computers. Transport of documents on mobile media, backup ...
Synchronization of local folders in a cloud. Cloud synchronization.
Software management of disk duplexing: disk mirroiring in RAID mode

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Whether you have 100MB of personal photos on your laptop or 100TB of work data on your company server, WinSauagère is the backup solution for your needs.
Automatic backups, running in the background, scheduling, speed, encryption, compression ...

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Signature and certification of all types of files.
Certification of files made available by download, attachments, sharing, cloud, contracts, quotes, invoices, etc.
Checking the conformity of documents or files received.
Professionals reassure your customers through secure communication.

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La boîte à outils gestion des données et sécurité informatique :

La boîte à outils 

Rassemblement des 5 applications dans une seule et même distribution. Toutes les applications sont en version Pro sans aucune limitation.
Vous pouvez installer toutes les applications ou seulement celles dont vous avez besoin.

Take advantage of the exceptional pricing conditions of this offer:

WinSesame + WinSynchro + WinSauvegarde + ATD-Guard + WinCertification

USD 266.00 USD 89.50

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