What is an unwanted connection?


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What is an unwanted connection?

Unwanted connection from a website:

If you want to visit a website at the address www.nom-de-domaine.com you therefore authorize your computer to connect to this domain through your internet browser. On the other hand, this website will sometimes contain connections to about fifty other domains (mainly images of invitation to click, trackers, statistics, targeting etc ...). Some connections are created by active scripts (javascript) and you don't know what they are doing, or especially what they are transmitting. You did not choose these connections. They are therefore considered undesirable and it is legitimate to want to block them.

Unwanted connection of a software or application:

You have installed an application on your computer. When you launch this application, it has the same access permissions as you. Everything you can access it also has access (including all your documents and personal data that you have not protected (see WinSesame ). Without you realizing it, this application can collect and transmit a lot of personal information. This is often the case with free applications from some unscrupulous publishers who finance themselves by reselling personal information transmitted in the background to the publisher's server. Who says free, says large number of users and therefore large volume of data and profitability of the operation. This type of connection is highly undesirable and must be blocked.

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