Protection against spyware


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Protection against spyware

What is spyware or spyware?

An application has been installed on your computer without your knowledge. When running, this application has the same access permissions as you. Everything you can access on your computer it can also access (including all your documents and personal data that you have not protected (see WinSesame) . Without you realizing it, this application can collect and transmit a lot of personal information. The consequences of such theft of personal data are not to be taken lightly.
In this case the spyware was installed against your will. But it can also be an app that you installed on your own. This is sometimes the case with free applications from some unscrupulous publishers who finance themselves by reselling personal information transmitted in the background to the publisher's server without you realizing it. It can also be a known application published in open source and then recompiled by integrating a spy function and distributed as an update, for example by email. Who says free, says large number of users and therefore large volume of data and profitability of the operation. ATD-Guard allows you to check that this type of application does not transmit personal information and if not to block the connection to its server (although in this case it is advisable to delete the application).

** ATD-Guard is not an anti-virus program, but it can help protect you against parasitic applications installed on your computer.