Scan all active connections of the computer


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Scan all active connections of the computer

The ATD-Guard Scanner:

Thanks to the ATD-Guard scanner you can scan all the connections of your computer which allows you to filter out anything that is unnecessary or even harmful.

Start the ATD-Guard scanner then start the software to be analyzed. You can see any connections initiated by it and block them if they do not seem justified to you.

The same when starting the computer allows you to locate programs that automatically start and connect.

Launch the scanner and then display a popular web page. In the multitude of domains displayed is the domain name of the site consulted then all the rest which is not always useful. By browsing in this way the websites that you visit regularly you will quickly find everything you do not need and block it. The block will remain valid for sites that you have not yet visited. Your block list grows by self-learning and very quickly any annoying elements that are found on a large number of sites will be blocked and your navigation will become more fluid. Everything is not always to be rejected under penalty of preventing the website from functioning properly. Some elements of a page can come from another domain than the main domain and be essential for its operation.

The easiest way to quickly advance your list is to proceed as follows, taking advantage of ATD-Guard's self-learning faculty:

At each step export your list of blocked domains so that you can easily go back.

Launch the scanner and connect to a site that you know to be particularly busy (TV program, dictionaries, social networks, fashion, horoscope, games, etc.). The list on the left will fill up quickly. Once it has stabilized, click on the Select all button. Find in the list on the right the name of the main domain of the website and click on it to delete it. You can also delete any subdomains from the main domain (those where only the first part before the first point is different) otherwise the site may not display well. Finally click on the OK button. Close your browser then relaunch it and reconnect to the website. Check that it is displayed correctly otherwise find in the list the essential domain (s) by selecting them and clicking on Temporarily unblock this domain then refresh the page. When you have found the domain that is missing from this site, click on Unblock this domain, which will remove it from the list. When the site is displayed correctly click the Reblock all domains button.

Continue self-learning on other sites to build your block list. Very quickly the main annoying displays that are found on a large number of websites will be blocked and your navigation will already become more fluid.

There is no risk for the operation of your computer to block connections since a computer can still operate without any access to the internet. You therefore risk nothing to make tests. You can always empty your block list or restore a list that you exported.

fenêtre de recherche des connexions 

You can stop restart or reset the scanner. The "Show this window in foreground" checkbox allows you, for example, to see the domains used by a website without this window being hidden by the browser. You can see the list of domain names fill up as the website displayed connects to new domains.

To manually select the domains to block, once the scan is complete, click Stop scanning and then click the domain names you want to block to move them to the list on the right. The Select all button allows you to move all the domain names to the list on the right. If you have scanned the connections initiated by a program you completely prevent that program from connecting to the Internet. If you have scanned the domains used by a website do not select everything otherwise this website will not be able to display at all (unless this is the intended purpose).