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ATD-Guard Help:

Cadre Ajouter des
domaines à bloquer
This frame allows you to manually enter a domain name to be blocked or a list of domain names. A list of domains to block is a simple text file (* .txt) containing one domain name per line.

gestion des domaines bloqués
Select a domain from the list. From this frame you can unblock this domain (which amounts to deleting it from the list), temporarily unblock this domain (it is unblocked but remains in the list), reblock this domain if it had been temporarily unblocked.
Finally, you can temporarily unblock all the domains on the list, which amounts to deactivating ATD-Guard and then reblocking all the domains on the list.

cadre recherche des connexions actives
This button opens the scanner window for active connections (see below).

cadre filtrage de la
This frame is used to filter the domain names displayed in the list. You can enter a name or part of a domain name. Used for example to find the subdomains associated with a domain.
Vous pouvez aussi filtrer tous les domaines temporairement débloqués ou bloqués

cadre liste des
In this frame, the list of blocked and temporarily unblocked domains is displayed.
Temporarily unblocked domains are framed by << and >>.
It is not recommended to have more than 10,000 blocked domains because a slowdown in connections can occur.

fenêtre de recherche des connexions
You can stop restart or reset the scanner. The "Display this window in foreground" checkbox allows you, for example, to see the domains used by a website without this window being hidden by the browser. You will thus see the list of domain names fill in as the displayed website connects to new domains.
To select the domains to block, once the scan is complete, click on Stop the scan and then click on the domain names you want to block to move them to the list on the right. The select all button allows you to move all the domain names to the list on the right. If you have scanned the connections initiated by a program you completely prevent that program from connecting to the Internet. If you have scanned the domains used by a website do not select everything otherwise that website will not be able to display at all.

activation du
When using the program for the first time, you must activate it (except for the free version). Enter your email address and password corresponding to your customer area on the site. Once the program is connected to the server, enter the activation code that was provided to you when you purchased the software. You can find your activation code in your customer area on the site.