WinSynchro disk synchronization tool, disk mirroring   


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WinSynchro disk and folder synchronisation


Software development : computer security, network security, data protection, encryption, system protection, commercial management, database administration, electronic measurements, marine navigation, special applications...    

WinSynchro : bidirectional synchronization of folders or complete drives in Windows, from disk to disk, from pc to pc, either locally or via network. Data security for documents to be modifieded on several computers. Transportation of documents on external drives, usb flash drives etc...

File synchronization, folder replication, disk replication, mirroring files and folders.

What is WinSynchro  :

You often bring documents from your workplace to your home using a portable hard drive or a USB flash drive. You probably already overwrite your modified files and lost your work.

If you are often confronted with this type of message:


This folder already contains a folder named MyFolder. If the files in the existing folder have the same name as files in the folder you are moving or copying, they will be replaced Do you still want to move or copy the folder ?


WARNING: your data is in danger!


WinSynchro is the absolute solution to this problem: you no longer copy the folders but you synchronize the folders.

Download WinSynchro

The free version has no time limitation but the maximum size of the folders you can synchronize with the free version is limited.

Buy WinSnchro

The software can be used immediately on downloading. Activation is automatic.

  • You take data from a server on a laptop on the road you must synchronize your laptop with the server to and returning from travel. You often copy on your laptop a large volume of data hosted on a server: synchronizing a large volume of data is incomparably faster since only one the files that are not up to date are copied.
  • You need to maintain folders or discs up to date with recent changes (mirroring RAID). WinSynchro can manage your synchronizations and run them automatically at intervals of time or specific times (Pro version).
  • With the ability to perform unidirectional or bidirectional synchronization, Winsynchro can be used as a manager of automatic or manual backups. Backups are very fast as only files that are not up to date in the backup are copied.
  • Winsynchro can be used very quickly from the context menu that appears on all folders. It opens the window of WinSynchro in compact mode for a bidirectional synchronization of the folder with its image.
  • At the end of each synchronization, a report is created and saved in the folders.

Software type:


Winsynchro is a software RAID system used on all types of drive or file storage: hard drive, USB key, external disk, network drive, network location ... disk mirroring.

RAID : Redundant Array of Independent Disks.


Some screenshots of WinSynchro:


The fast synchronization window accessible from the context menu of all folders :

The fast synchronization window accessible from the context menu of all folders.

The synchronization report :

The synchronization report

The synchronization Center (professional version only) :

The synchronization Center

The planning center of automatic synchronization (professional version only) :

The planning center of automatic synchronization


Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7

All versions

32 or 64 bits

The different versions:

  • Professional  : Complete version with all the advanced features.

  • Classic : No synchronization center nor planning

  • Free : Trial version limited to 5 files per folder . No limitation of time of use.


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