WinSauvegarde: Setting the backup speed and influence on the occupation of the system   


WinSauvegarde high speed backup of large volumes with AES encryption and compression of data.


Setting the backup speed and influence on the occupation of the system:




Depending on the setting chosen for the speed of the backup, the program marks a break between each file to release the system and ensure that if the computer is used for other tasks it is not disturbed by the current backup. So backups can be done in the background while using the machine. The backup speed is adjustable between 1 and 10. Warning: speed 5 does not mean that the backup will last twice as long at a speed of 10 but simply that the release time of the system will be 2 times longer. This parameter acts differently if you backup rather a small number of large files or a large number of small files. To fine-tune this setting, set to 10 and decrease the value if you find that your computer is too slow during a backup in the background. A change in this parameter during a backup will not take effect until the next backup. This setting has no effect on manual backups, which are always made at maximum speed (10). Leave this setting to 10 if you plan your backups outside of periods of computer use (eg at night).








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