WinSauvegarde: Purge the backup.   


WinSauvegarde high speed backup of large volumes with AES encryption and compression of data.


Purge the backup:




The backup engine will never delete a file in a backup. If you have deliberately deleted a folder or file on the original disk, the backup is still available without time limit in the backup. If you often create and deleted files from your drives, the size of your backup will be continually growing. If it becomes necessary to delete from the backup everything you have removed voluntarily, you must perform a purge of your backup. This is done from the configuration window of WinSauvegarde clicking Purge. This function removes the current backup and created a new one. On a large volume of data this can be as long as the first backup all files will be copied to the backup after having been optionally compressed and encrypted. It is important to make sure that all your data is updated before launching a purge.





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