WinSauvegarde : Automatic backup software.   


WinSauvegarde high speed backup of large volumes with AES encryption and compression of data.


An incident should not become a disaster:

Broken hrad drive

Average lifetime of a hard disk:  4 years

Do not wait until it's too late. Install WinSauvegarde now.

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The free version has no time limitation but the maximum size of the files you can backup with the free version is limited.

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Whether you have 100 MB of personal photos on your laptop or 100 Tb of business data on your company server, WinSauvegarde is the backup solution suitable for your needs:
  • Automatic: periodic, scheduled or manual backup of data.
  • Light : Management of the occupation of the system. Does not disturb your work during backup in the background.
  • All Media: Backup to and from local hard disk, external hard drive, usb stick, network drive, computer accessible through the network, server ...
  • Fast : Only files created or modified since the last backup are copied.
  • Flexible: Back up important files only or full disks.
  • Volume Saving: Compression of backups.
  • Data Security: AES256 encryption of backups and managing of files and folders protected by WinSesame.
  • Large Volumes: No backups volume limit.
  • Restoration : All modes of restoration by file, by folder, synchronization.
  • Easy to use: No competency required.

100Mb 1Gb 10Gb 100Gb 1Tb 10Tb 100Tb ...


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