OscilloSpectroXPro specifications: spectrum analyzer and numeric oscilloscope for audio control.


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OscilloSpectroXpro :

Oscilloscope, spectrograph and 3D spectrum analyzer. Capture of the signal by the sound card.

Oscilloscope,  spectrograph and 3D spectrum analyzer. Capture of the signal by the sound card.


Spécifications :


Who this program was created for?


This program was created for people need to display the form, the level or the spectrum analysis of an LF signal : acoustic, sound or maintenance engineers, recording studios, FM radio stations, musicians, telecommunication technicians, organizations dedicated to fighting noise...

System requirements:

  • Windows XP, Vista, 7 32 or 64 bits
  • Sound card simplex , semi-simplex or full-duplex (all sound card compatible Windows)
  • Microsoft Exel(or compatible) to display 3D analysis

3D spectrum Analyser :

The 3D spectrum analyzer allows the recording of about 45 seconds of signal and the restoration of its spectrum analysis over time. Rather than displaying and recording this analysis in a format peculiar to the program, the analysis is exported as an Exel folder containing all the data of the capture, a 3D graphic showing the complete analysis and the average spectrum analysis of the capture. Once the file is opened in Exel you can effect all modifications you want concerning the graphic (3D movements, modification of scales, types of graphics, color…). All the capture data being available, it is possible to use them to perform all the calculations you want. It is possible for example to extract from this graphic the evolution of a particular frequency. Not only that the exportation mode allows very complete measurement results to be given to anyone not using oscilloSpectroXpro(for use in technical manuals, appraisals…).

The buffer used allows you to stock about 45 seconds of analysis. In the Spectrograph->filling buffer menu, two options of buffer filling are available:
Once: At the beginning of the measurement the buffer is emptied. When the buffer is full the filling stops.
Continuous: When the buffer is full the oldest measurements are removed so that the buffer always contains the last 45 seconds of the signal.

The spectrograph or audio analyser :

The spectrograph allows the display of the spectrum analysis of a signal. This display mode can be used in many different applications. Acoustics settings for hall, echo analysis, accurate settings in sound systems by analysis of a white noise. In electronics for the settings of filters, response curve control etc… In telecommunication for testing of transmission lines receiver settings etc…Analysis of a mechanical noise and fight against noise.
The spectrograph is accessed using the command on the Mode menu. By the setting menu command it is possible to choose the integration level of the measurement and the compression mode.
The compression mode allows you to set the amplification of the signal so that the maximum level corresponds to 0 DB. on the vertical scale. The compression rate can be independent or common to the two channels for the comparison of signals between these two channels. It is also possible to suppress all compression. The integration level of the measurement allows you to display the curve to be smoothed. Three integration levels are available. The suppression of integration allows an instantaneous display to be obtained. The suppression of integration is recommended for the capture of 3D analysis.
During the signal analysis check that there is no saturation with level indicators of the oscilloscope or V.U. meters.
The response curve is adjusted by a 20 band graphic equalizer displayed automatically in spectrograph mode. This equalizer allows the calibration of sound capture devices (micro, soundcard) with for example a white noise. It is possible to save the curves and to refresh them according to the device or to the hall used for example.
The spectrograph records about 45 seconds of signal and allows the spectrum analysis in this time.

The oscilloscope :

Two separated traces display, two superimposed traces, signal sum, signal difference, X-Y Lissajous curve

Linear or logarithmic scales (db)

Time base of 5 ms/div. (50 ms) to 20 us/div. (0.2)

Amplitude X1 X2 X5


Saving and printing of oscillographs

Color and width of traces configurable

Background color, grid…

Level display in VU meters or bargraph mode





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