OscilloSpectroXPro description : spectrum analyzer and numeric oscilloscope for audio control.   


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OscilloSpectroXpro :

Oscilloscope, spectrograph and 3D spectrum analyzer. Capture of the signal by the sound card.

Oscilloscope,  spectrograph and 3D spectrum analyzer. Capture of the signal by the sound card.


Description :


  • Two separated traces display, two superimposed traces, signal sum, signal difference, X-Y Lissajous curve
  • Linear or logarithmic scales (db)
  • Time base of 5 ms/div. (50 ms) to 20 us/div. (0.2)
  • Amplitude X1 X2 X5
  • Synchronization
  • Saving and printing of oscillographs
  • Color and width of  traces configurable
  • Background color, grid…
  • Level display in VU meters or bargraph mode




Spectrograph :
  • Spectrum analysis of signal 10 to 20000 hz
  • 4 Integration levels of the measurement 3 types of compression
  • Filling of a buffer containing 45 seconds of analysis allowing 3 D display in Exel
  • Recording in continuous or one time mode
  • 20 bands graphic equalilizer allowing you to save and restore response curves for calibration of sound capture devices, sound card, acoustics… by the measurement of a white noise.
  • Printing of analysis
  • Exportation to Exel format


3D analyzer :
  • 3D spectrum analyzer allowing the recording of about 45 seconds of signal and the displaying of its spectrum analysis . 
  • Exportation as an Exel file containing all the data of the capture, a 3 D graphic showing the complete analysis and the average spectrum analysis of the capture.
  • When the file is opened in Exel you can make all modifications you want concerning the graphic (3 D move, scale, type of graphic, color etc..).
  • All the data of the capture are available for use in calculations. Examples: extraction of the frequency evolution, evolution calculation and display of signal sums or difference, extraction or underlining of a particular event…
  • Possibility to give very complete measurement results to anyone not using oscillospectroXpro (for use in technical sheets, expertise etc)…

All operations allowed by Exel are applying to your spectrum analysis.

6256 data available per spectrum analysis.





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